Lift Chairs

Lift chairs have a relatively simple design. Some simple repairs most people can do on their own, Hand controls typically will connect either in a pocket on the side or tucked in between the seat cushion and the back. To access the under side connections tip the chair over forward. If the chair is stuck in […]

Replacing caster wheels

Maintaining caster wheels can help with ride comfort and performance. Many caster wheel problems can be found with careful visual inspection. Look for missing chunks, splits or cracks, and flat spots. the wheel should also spin freely, if not remove the wheel and check the bearings. Removing casters also gives you the opportunity to remove […]

Charging scooter batteries

One of the most common questions about power wheelchairs and scooters are about batteries and charging batteries. Power wheelchairs and scooters use deep cycle rechargeable batteries. Most are AGM (asbestos glass mat) and some are Gel cell. In either case both types require proper charging for maximum life and performance. With gel batteries  a break-in […]

VSI Flash Codes

VSI Flash Codes this will help identify why your joystick lights are “flashing”.   Count the number of lights flashing and/or count the number of flashes Low Battery Voltage The battery needs charging or there is a bad connection to the battery. Check the connections to the battery. If the connections are good, try charging […]

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Welcome to our site. Here we will provide information on mobility  repair. Many mobility devices operate using batteries. Replacing batteries is one of the most common repairs. Need mobility batteries in Louisville KY? try here Batteries Louisville KY